Prayer Shawl

Prayer Shawl Ministry has been at Christ the King since 2005
Contact: Linda Maslona at 839-2363

What is the Purpose of our Ministry and Who Receives the Prayer Shawls?

Every Wednesday evening, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., a group of dedicated people meet in the Church Library to knit Prayer Shawls.   The completed shawls are then blessed and given to those who are facing an illness, crisis, or are in need of God’s comforting and healing presence.  New knitters or donations of 3 skeins of the same color of yarn are always welcome.  If you know of someone who is going through a difficult time and would like to receive a Prayer Shawl, please call the Rectory.  There is no cost.

We also donate many prayer shawls to South Buffalo Mercy Hospice and to The Chemo Unit on Park Club Lane.


When do We Meet?

We have an active group that meets every Wednesday evening from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Church Library. Enter the Church through the double doors off of the small parking lot or use the elevator if you need to.

If you can’t come to the meetings, you are welcome to knit at home. Completed Prayer Shawls may be dropped off at the Rectory. Be sure to include your name with the prayer shawl.


What do I Need?

We will help you learn to knit, or if you crochet, you are welcome to crochet.  Help is usually available if someone has questions. Try to come prepared with a set of knitting needles (size 11 or 13) and 3 skeins of yarn (same color is easiest).  We sometimes have yarn available – but not always.


What do you do at the Meeting?

We knit, but we cannot deny that there is a lot of conversation and friendship being shared during our two-hour weekly “meeting”.  A prayer is said at every meeting for all those who have received a prayer shawl and all those for whom we knit.


I don’t Knit – how can I help??

We are always in need of yarn and would appreciate 3 full skeins of same color (4-ply or worsted;  no baby yarn please). Yarn may be dropped off at the Rectory, or left at the Church Library door.


The following prayer is on a card that is given with each Prayer Shawl:

When you wrap yourself in this shawl,
Bless yourself in the name of the Father who loves you,
and of the Son who is your brother and your friend,
and of the Holy Spirit who guides your every step.

When I knit this shawl, I prayed many prayers into every stitch:
That this shawl would keep you warm,
Make you feel strong,
Help you feel better.

May this shawl calm you when you are upset,
remind you that you are loved, and
remind you that your guardian angel
is always watching over you.

When you wear this shawl, believe with all your heart that:
God is with you every minute of every hour of every day,
Jesus loves you no matter what, and
The Holy Spirit rests upon your shoulder
Especially when you are sad or lonely.

May this shawl bring you sweet dreams when you are sleeping.


Recipe for a Prayer Shawl

Size 11 or 13 needles
3 skeins of yarn
Cast on 57 or 63 stitches

Then you can:

1) Knit the Prayer Shawl pattern: Knit 3, Purl 3, always ending the row with Knit 3
2) Knit your own pattern
3) Just Knit – no pattern Finished Prayer Shawl should be approximately 5 feet long – fringe is optional

An Interesting Prayer Shawl website that is not associated with Christ the King is:
It gives information on different patterns that are knit, color choices and the history of Prayer Shawls.

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